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Where Marketers Are Spending Their Online Dollars

Those nice folks over at eMarketer published an article (summarizing MarketingSherpa research) a few weeks back that I meant to let you know about.  What Works, and What Doesn’t, in Online Marketing gives us the 411 on how US marketers felt about their online buys for 2006:


Even more interesting from my perspective are those same marketers’ projections of how they’ll spend money this year when it comes to “emerging” tactics such as blogs, feeds, video, podcasts and the like:


  Personally I’m happy to see ads for mobile devices and feeds already on the decline as I think they are (still and maybe always) problematic channels. Do you see anything that surprises you?


  1. Peter Norris
    Peter Norris February 19, 2007

    With the latest news from Google “Google Inc.has agreed to acquire in-game advertising company Adscape Media Inc. for $23 million, according to technology site Red Herring, which cited sources familiar with the matter in a report late on Thursday.” I would suggest that the figure of 9% for product placement in video games may well increase rather than decline, what do you think?

  2. Keith Holloway
    Keith Holloway February 19, 2007

    I find it interesting that search marketing holds the #1 and #3 position. Of course it makes sense given the nature of search.
    Also interesting is that SEO (#3) showed the biggest jump over 2005. It seems that all of this interest in PPC is starting to spill over into SEO. I believe that once marketers get a taste of the targeted, converting traffic available from search they start asking themselves how they can get those organic positions – even though their is so much confusion about how it is done.

  3. Carrie Oliver
    Carrie Oliver February 19, 2007

    I’m curious, has anyone looked into whether these results vary by industry (service vs. product, books vs. food) or time of year, etc.)?

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