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Nobody Calls This Shoe Yella: The Nike McFly

Almost a year ago Ken interviewed Al Cabino about his crusade to get Nike to release the shoes inspired by the movie Back to the Future Part II on his feet (as well as other peoples’ feet). Al described his crusade earlier by describing how “everyone dreams of walking in a movie star’s shoes.” In the case of the shoes, they “were created just for the film, never worn beyond the silver screen.”

Al’s fascination with the shoes has taken a social media twist, by giving Robert Ranning (of the popular The Shining remix trailer and other projects with Director Spike Lee) carte blanche to create a trailer for the shoes. With almost 150,000 views on YouTube, Cabino hopes his crusade will take a viral twist, and wants the video will make front page on YouTube, gain national exposure, and reaching a modest viewing goal of one million.  You can help out! For your viewing pleasure, hit play on the commercial featured below, and if you want a pair of these funky kicks, sign the petition.