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Eight Tips I Picked Up at PodCamp Toronto 2007

I am still coming down from PodCamp Toronto 2007. It was just that good.

Nearly 300 podcasters, podcast listeners (podfans?) and students of all ages descended on Ryerson University for this free, two-day event.

The one thing everyone had in common seemed to be their passion for this new medium. The excitement and enthusiasm of the whole affair fondly reminded me of my first Internet World Conference, which I attended in – oh my God – 1996 in San Jose, California.

Here are a few choice excerpts from the notes I took during the many informative educational sessions at PodCamp Toronto 2007:

  1. Podcast listeners are older than you probably realize; the average podcast listener is in their mid-thirties. (Tipster: Leesa Barnes)
  2. Since the word "podcast" continues to confuse people, sometimes you are better off using a different term like "Internet radio show." (Tipster: Christopher Penn)
  3. Speaking of lingo, some people are confused by the word "subscribe" because they think this means they will have to pay to receive your podcast. Consider using the term "add" instead, especially if dealing with a younger demographic. (Tipster: Christopher Penn)
  4. If you are planning a business-to-employee podcast and want to ensure as many of your employees listen to the podcast, give each of them an iPod. (Tipster: Sabita Singh)
  5. Creating a Facebook and MySpace profile for your podcast can be very cost-effective way to get new subscribers. (Tipster: Christopher Penn)
  6. StumbleUpon is not only a great tool to discover quality Websites, it can drive a lot of traffic to your podcast’s Website. (Tipster: Julien Smith)
  7. The "itpc" link to subscribe to a podcast in iTunes is more reliable than the "phobos" link. (Don’t be concerned if you have no idea what I am talking about. If you’re a podcaster, you will.) (Tipster: Christopher Penn)
  8. If you ever find yourself, or a client, asking "why should we be podcasting?" try asking instead, "why shouldn’t we be podcasting?" (Tipster: Michael Seaton)

I don’t know if there will be a PodCamp Toronto 2008, but if there is, you can bet I’ll be there!


  1. Bryan Person,
    Bryan Person, March 1, 2007

    Bill, it took me a few days to process everything as well.
    Here are my PodCamp Toronto 2007 takeaways:
    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you face to face for the very first time over the weekend, and to together be part of such a powerful event.
    Looking forward to following your continued insights via blog and podcast!
    –Bryan Person,

  2. Thanks for the recap!
    I only wish I could have been there with you all. However, I will be at Podcasters Across Borders in June for sure!
    Don’t forget to use your blogs to support your podcasts.

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