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Braving The Storm: B2B Faces Winter

Overshadowed by an impeding winter storm, last weeks CMA B2B Conference highlighted some great ideas and tools for fostering B2B Growth. The introductory presentation highlighted three key elements to promoting B2B growth:

  • Building your Brand
  • Creating demand for your brand, and
  • Creating sales channels for your brand.

Following the introductory speech, intriguing presentations by Joe Pulizzi and Richard Eldh were succeeded by a packed lunchtime crowd intent on hearing the inspiring David Suzuki speak. While not B2B related, Suzuki opened saying he knew nothing about marketing (which I would disagree with), and he professed the need for forward ecological thinking.

Overbearing at times, Suzuki’s message was clear: You Can Help! Before closing, Suzuki encouraged attendees to take the Nature Challenge – sign up if you feel you can achieve the goals. Following lunch the crowd dwindled, as attendees braved their way through the snow to be home before the storm stranded them. Tom Hodson presented to a thinner crowd, and as I departed (due to another commitment), it was clear that the creative panel was going to present to a thinly-spread lecture hall. Overall the day provided inspiring and thoughtful presentations on B2B strategies. Stay tuned as video interviews are posted. For more photos head over to the Event Flickr set.