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RedFlagDeals' Blogging Adventure

About 4 weeks ago we started an official blog. Since corporate blogging is always a hot topic on OneDegree, I thought I would share our reasons for creating a blog and what we hope to accomplish with it.

Over the past few years has grown at a phenomenal rate. Everyday tens of thousands of Canadians visit the site to find deals and coupons and to participate in the community. There are literally thousands of conversations going on at any moment. In the formative days of the site, the founder of the site, Derek Szeto, and I would participate in nearly every one of those conversations, but as the site has grown, that just isn’t possible. Even though we are still regular contributors to the forums, the sheer volume of postings means that our visibility has been reduced. We faced a dilemma: how do we maintain the personal touch the site has always been associated when the site has grown so large?

We decided that creating an official blog would be among the best ways to reengage with our community. Our hope was that the blog would allow us to share our experiences running the site and gather feedback before and after decisions are made that will affect the community.

So far the blog has been a success. There are several hundred readers every day and it has been a great way to share information. In the coming months we plan to use the blog to involve our readers in the brainstorming process for a charity initiative we have in mind. Highlights have included:

As an added bonus, it’s been lots of fun to write about what’s happening at the HQ.