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Window Tinting Search Reveals Smart Use of Video

Did you know you can buy and install special tinting film on your home windows to reduce the amount of heat transmitted into your house? It’s kind of like tinting the windows of your car, except, well, it’s your home windows.

I had no idea such a product existed until about 10 days ago when I Googled "residential window tinting" and quickly found myself at Gila Film Products, makers of window tinting film. Not only was I thrilled to discover there was a solution to my problem (the south-facing rooms on third floor of our house were turning into saunas) but I also stumbled across a great use of video on a corporate Website.

The Gila Film Products Website features a "how to install the window tinting film" page that includes a downloadable 11-minute instructional video that covers topics like the tools you need, preparing the work area, and correcting mistakes. Sure, I read the written instructions (also available on the Gila Website in both HTML and PDF flavours), but it was also extremely helpful to be able to watch the video and see how the professionals apply the window tinting film.

My wife, who helped me with the task (and lived to tell about it), also appreciated watching the video because she’s one of those people who prefers to be shown how to do something rather than read an instruction manual. (I believe these are referred to as "normal" people!)

I’m not for one moment suggesting that this is the most groundbreaking use of video on the Internet. It is, however, an incredibly helpful and practical idea, and one that benefits everyday people…in the here and now. I only wish there were more manufacturers like Gila Film Products that offered "how to" videos like this on their Website. It’s a smart idea, simply executed, and the world can always use more of these.