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Chattering Teeth – The CMA Word Of Mouth Conference

CMA Word of Mouth Marketing Conference

April 12th the CMA will be hosting the Word of Mouth conference at the Holiday Inn on King St. West.  As with many of the CMA events I will be attending, I had the opportunity to speak with event organizer Louis Gagnon who shared some insight in the events’ planning.

With tag-line From Mass to Grass Louis stressed that there is a “realization that Word of Mouth (WOM) has to be included in any integrated marketing mix.”  The list of speakers, which can be seen on the CMA’s Speaker list, provides a 360 degree perspective on the WOM horizon.

A major downside many believe with WOM is the lack of analytical data to support marketing efforts.  When I asked Luis about this he mentioned that by “complimenting experiences with technology one can easily track a WOM campaign”.  He went on to note that “technology is not the barrier, but rather the process for analytic results.”  Some of these analytic tools will be presented at the conference. As many consumers are now becoming more aware of blatant advertising methods, perhaps WOM is something you should consider in your next campaign. 

To sign up for the conference head over to the CMA’s Sign-up Page and register yourself now.