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  1. Andy Strote
    Andy Strote March 30, 2007

    Time-suck. Crack for ADD-addled. Real friends do not let friends Twitter. Just finishing my Starbucks tea. Hungry, wasting time. Oops – 140.

  2. Nicholas
    Nicholas March 30, 2007

    The only good thing about Twitter is that it’s not “Twittr.”
    I’ve never actually used it, but I’m tired of (hearing about) it already.

  3. Bridge Collective
    Bridge Collective March 30, 2007

    Completely hooked! The beauty lies in it’s simplicity. Quick & easy communication… and we like the logo, too.

  4. AZ
    AZ April 12, 2007

    Can’t be as addictive as Facebook.

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