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Five Questions for Geoff Whitlock – Lifecapture Interactive

Geoff_whitlock_portrait Lifecapture Interactive is a digital marketing firm that specializes in developing engaging internet properties and digital marketing solutions that help medium and large companies increase brand awareness, drive revenues, reduce costs and intensify customer relationships.  LCI takes pride in providing traceable ROI on all of our online campaigns.

Geoff Whitlock has led Lifecapture since its inception, building a skilled team that has rapidly gained a reputation for its innovative new media projects.
Under his guidance, LCI serves a diverse range of national client accounts in multiple industry sectors. Geoff has overseen many of LCI’s most successful new media projects from the strategic planning phase through to delivery execution and maintenance; including, strategic and tactical Internet market planning, commercial/industrial video and film production, interactive/intuitive web property and sales-focused Internet applications.
Through a diligent and tireless team effort, Geoff has led LCI to become one of Canada’s top 50 fastest growing companies. Having developed a unique business model and multi-level approach to absolute success on the internet, Geoff has enabled LCI to become a player in the international interactive industry.

One Degree: At the bottom of your web site it says "The Internet is more than a web site".  What does that mean?

The internet has evolved far beyond most expectations in a very short period of time.  It is responsible for driving communication, entertainment, information and education to new heights ongoing as content is delivered in all forms from anywhere to everywhere, instantly.  The nature of the medium as it has evolved brings so much more than conventional web sites, it brings individual experiences on mass scales, and with all that is known, we are really just beginning to tap into its ability.

One Degree: It’s getting harder to find good staff as demand for experienced Internet people increases.  How do you find and keep your team?

As of late we have experienced some turnover, as is natural in our industry, but through that experience many things have been brought to light on how to attract and retain good people.  The people on the team are the life blood of a company that does what we do, we learned that they need to know that, and better yet, feel that in what they do every day.  The experience of working should be worth the third of your life that you dedicate to it.

One Degree: What was the genesis of the Crash Addicts site?

We are ecstatic to get the opportunity to work with the Bell Fund, they provide a platform that truly enables new media professionals an opportunity to do something ground breaking, something that could change the landscape of the internet and as we know it.  That was what we wanted to with Crash Addicts, something different, something almost unheard of.  The genesis; walls we had to break down.

One Degree: How important is the site to the overall concept of Crash Addicts?  I’m wondering if it is a marketing site or if you see it as something that goes beyond that.

The unique part of this type of website is that is can act much like a movie.  There is a story, characters, with heightened interactive and strategic product placement.  This is what we call ‘Immersive Advertising’  we are working on many new properties that involve this technique as a new way of integrating advertising into entertaining websites.  In a world of 3 – 10 seconds per site, we are successfully keeping viewers on the website for 20 – 40 minutes; an experience like this is an open door for advertisers to get thousands of eyes on their products for much longer than a conventional banner ad or television commercial.

One Degree: Crash Addicts must have the only shopping cart in the world that says "OK I’m going to hold onto this shit for you" when you leave it!

This is content for a very specific audience, when I show off the site to our corporate clients I always start with "Remember, it’s the format, not the content."