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QotD: How Do You Use Your Mobile Phone?

In light of my earlier post, I thought it would be appropriate to ask our readers how they use their mobile phones.

Do you have a mobile phone/blackberry, and do you use it for web access?  Do you pay for your phone bill, does your employer, or do you split it? And finally, what are your impressions on the Canadian mobile phone market?


  1. Ken Schafer - One Degree
    Ken Schafer - One Degree April 11, 2007

    My mobile phone is a phone, and on rare occasions a camera. It’s never a web browser or email device. I’ve surfed on our Wii more than on my phone.

  2. Chris
    Chris November 13, 2007

    I have a Nokia N95. I’m on Rogers Wireless… which means, I cannot use many of the features of the phone that require data access. I must use WiFi instead.
    I use the GPS with the built-in Maps application – luckily, I can store the maps on the microSD card rather than having it download over GPRS. The N95 has a built-in internal GPS receiver.
    I use the camera a lot. At 5 megapixels with autofocus, it saves me from having to carry a separate camera.
    I use the built-in browser. Same browser core as the iPhone which means full html and javascript capability. Only difference is it doesn’t have the flashy transitions like the iPhone. However, I can only use it over WiFi as the data charges will bankrupt me.
    I use VOIP (Gizmo) on occasion to call international. I can only use it over WiFi as Rogers will bankrupt me if I use them.
    I use the built-in MP3 player to help me through the boring parts of my day.
    When I’m bored with the MP3 player, I play some ngage games (like FIFA 2007, Brothers in Arms, Doom (not ngage), etc).
    I use the Calendar application to plan appointments and reminders.
    I use the built-in alarm to wake me up when on a business trip.
    If I had an unlimited data plan, here are some additional things I would do:
    1. Watch my recorded tv shows with slingplayer mobile. Since I have a slingplayer and the mobile edition is free for N95 users, all I need is a data plan.
    2. Use Google Earth instead of the built-in GPS program to get satellite view.
    3. Upload my photos to flickr – I can only do that with WiFi as I will go bankrupt using the other wireless method.
    4. Send email to my phone (ala Blackberry push style).
    I pay for my own wireless bill as our company does not require it’s employees to have business phones.
    The Canadian mobile phone market is in a very sad state. I can’t even begin to express my anger and frustration on the lack of options available to me and other wireless subscribers. While the rest of the world is basking in smartphones that keep them wirelessly connected to “the world” and always in touch with the content they need, us Canadians are restricted to using our phones to make calls and get emails and SMS.

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