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Interactive Advertising Bureau Challenges ComScore and Nielsen

A tip submitted by Hugh Thompson pointed me towards a press release from the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB), challenging ComScore and Nielsen to provide an independent audit on their tabulation methods for website visits.

In the IAB Press Release, president Randall Rothenberg calls  for a move towards more transparent systems for interactive analytics, as companies begin to pour billions of dollars into interactive and web technologies to push their products.
As website ratings, visitors, and analytics are becoming more important to valuation and success, improper and incorrect interactive reporting can be damaging for any website. 

Hugh talks about this in his post towards the end of his post on the Digital Home blog.  My question though, lies possibly with the fact that the IAB seems to be resorting to playground bullying because its market share may be weaning – but Hugh’s numbers speak for themselves.
What are your impressions on this?

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  1. Colin Smillie
    Colin Smillie May 2, 2007

    I’ve found several problems with comScore rankings that I track. The rankings can be manipulated fairly reliably.
    I think every analytics system should be expected to prove the accuracy of their results.

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