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Canadian Online Advertising Tops 1 Billion

A recent link on the One Degree Backchannel from contributor Derek Szeto tipped me off to this link from the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) of Canada, noting that the 2006 Canadian ad revenues from online were over 1 billion dollars (hence the Dr. Evil photo).

This amazing number illustrates how fast we are moving into the interactive space, and projects where revenues will be in the upcoming year.  In every category broken down by the IAB, revenues in Canada grew more than 75%, with classifieds/directories growing at 120% – great news for those working in the online marketing and advertising space.
Those skeptical of online advertising will be quick to recoil after seeing these numbers, and begin venturing into the online interactive ad-space.

What are your thoughts on this data?


  1. Duane Brown
    Duane Brown May 1, 2007

    It was going to happen. Everything is moving online and the competition is getting only more stiff. Now it’s a question of making your ads more effective compared to that of your competitor… much like we did with offline ads.

  2. Pete mosley
    Pete mosley May 1, 2007

    Why is it I just don’t believe this???
    Is it that there are lies, damn lies and statistics? Or is it that “research proves, research works?”
    I just , for the life of me, cannot accept “blind surveys” the same as i can accept… lemme think, COUNTING!
    I hope there is that much advertising online. Like I hope we dine out a lot. Except when I go downtown restaurants look like office furniture showrooms.
    Is there another way to get the data? is there a way to actually tabulate what is spent?
    Sorry for being a skeptic. But I was raised on trade shows. (Yes we had 35,000 attendance! 3500 more like it in reality)
    Signed … from Missouri

  3. Dear Missouri,
    Are you as skeptical of the US numbers or is it just the Canadian ones?

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