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15 Cool Things I Learned at the 2007 CMA Annual Convention

I had the privilege of attending, and speaking at, the 2007 Canadian Marketing Association Annual Convention in Ottawa earlier this month. Here are a few fascinating tidbits I gleaned from the many excellent talks and presentations I attended:

  • Marketers need to learn how to ‘outsource’ the marketing to the consumers.
  • Marketers need to develop mechanisms to detect and nurture the brand ambassadors (i.e., those consumers who will willingly act as promoters).
  • Mass advertising for the iPod didn’t happen until 9 months after the product launched; until then it was all ‘word of mouth’ marketing by brand ambassadors.
    (Source: Dr. Joe Plummer, Advertising Research Foundation)
  • "Don’t fear theft of your ideas; fear obscurity."
  • To today’s ‘Net Generation,’ "choice is like oxygen."
  • Google is the world’s fourth largest computer hardware manufacturer (of data servers).
    (Source: Don Tapscott, New Paradigm)
  • People want more of what they can get less of.
  • 90% of people look for less risk (try to avoid risk) when it comes to making a decision.
  • You are four times more likely to be a CEO in North America if you are over six feet tall.
    (Source: Heath Slawner, Hart Resource Development)
  • 50% of complex search queries (in search engines) go unanswered.
  • 40% of the Web is not searchable…yet.
    (Source: Owen Sagness, Microsoft Canada)
  • WestJet receives 1,000+ unsolicited resumes a week.
  • The airline has a Department of Culture that is responsible for "creating a remarkable (workplace) environment."
  • WestJet holds retirement parties for the planes it takes out of service. At the last retirement party for a plane, over 600 employees showed up.
    (Source: Richard Bartrem, WestJet)
  • 74% of bloggers say they are open to receiving product or service information from companies, but only 9% actually do.
    (Source: David Jones, Fleishman-Hillard)

Next year’s CMA Annual Convention will be held in Toronto in May, 2008.