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Month: June 2007

Our Customers: Eyeballs who View Ad Inventory or Valued Partners?

OK, I’m not sure if this is an "old school" vs "new school" thing.  But two things jumped out at me from today’s "Media in Canada" newsletter (a newsletter I both enjoy and am frustrated by on a regular basis).
First, Mike Welling, President of doug agency, wrote a letter to the editor of MiC, praising the Grand Prix win of "Evolution" from Dove.  The campaign was certainly amazing, and Welling credits forward thinking leadership inside Unilever for getting that great creative launched.  Now, I agree, the creative behind "Evolution" is wonderful, but there is no mention of the vital, essential role that social media played in it.  If YouTube weren’t around; if fans weren’t able to blog it, would "Evolution" have been so successful?


How I Ended Up Doing Social Media Marketing for ABC TV's Traveler – Part 1

For a few days earlier this month, I found myself running the social media marketing campaign for ABC TV’s new show, Traveler.

After all, somebody had to.

Allow me to explain…

On May 30, 2007, ABC TV launched a new summer series, Traveler. No doubt inspired by the success of rival FOX’s Prison Break, Traveler follows the misadventures of two young college guys who are on the run from the FBI for a crime they didn’t commit.

The reason they are accused of the crime (the Oklahoma City-esque bombing of a New York City museum) is that one of their college housemates, a sketchy, technologically-savvy guy by the name of Will Traveler, appears to have framed them. Now Will has gone missing, and our two intrepid heroes must track down the elusive Will Traveler in order to clear their names.

Here (below) is a 3-minute trailer for the show that will give you a sense of how the whole thing revolves around the quest to uncover ‘Who is Will Traveler?"

I caught the first episode of the series a day after it premiered, and while I quickly deduced the show wasn’t for me (it was too predictable) I was struck by one thing: ABC and the producers of the show had completely missed the social media boat.