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All of Canada showcased at 2007 CNMA awards

I’m going to admit, on behalf of all Torontonians, that we’re a little self-involved.  When you’re in Toronto, you tend to have blinders on about anything that might be happening outside our centre of the universe.  Being in Vancouver for a short 9 months has taught me that.  So, I was thrilled, at the Canadian New Media Awards, to see an entire country’s worth of talent showcased.  While you can check out the full list of finalists and winners (Toronto included!) over at the 2007 Canadian New Media Awards site, I did want to call your attention to the finalists and winners who are NOT from Hog Town.  They are:

One of my hopes for the evolution of One Degree is that we start to feature a broader perspective on Canadian internet marketing.  Coverage of local marketing events; interviews with startups who aren’t in the usual places (i.e. Waterloo, Vancouver or Toronto); case studies of local businesses and non-profits.  So, if you’re in Internet marketing in Canada and you feel a little left out because you’re not in Toronto, I want to hear from you!  Share some of the great things that are going on in your part of Canadian marketing!