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  1. mose
    mose September 27, 2007

    Ever since I first heard the ads on the radio for Seymour Schulich’s latest book “Get Smarter” the hair on the back of my neck started to bristle.
    I have, until today let it all all pass. But in a couple of sound bites on one of the stations I listen to – probably 680 – Mr Schulich was quoted saying some pretty pedantic, pedestrian and downright goofy statements. In fact if I was one of his front guys I would have died! – Somebody get this guy a media spokesperson.
    One I loved – given the title of his book “Don’t be too smart.” he says.
    Biggest mistake people make, he says. Hmmmm. There were a couple of others that ranged from don’t get drunk or do drugs I honestly can’t remember the rest of the fluff… I was trying to drive and not swerve off the road laughing.
    And having worked as a contractor at Schulich for a number of years and having to basically “fire them” because of their draconian payment policies that were putting me out of business (I wonder if Mr Schulich has a chapter on that in his biz book?) – they told me repeatedly that the schools policy was to pay suppliers in 120 days plus. And sadly they lived up to their word. At some points I was owed 20++k in fees and travel expenses. As a sole proprietor and doing sessions for them around the world that overlapped I was carrying receivables far beyond my means. I went to my bank and outlined the situation to see if there were credit facilities above and beyond what my small business has in its meagre line of credit in order for me to finance the school in Mr Schulich’s name … they laughed. Nice.
    Anyway I doubt I will be running out to purchase this business book – although I see it is discounted deeply on Chapters? I wonder why?
    I may buy one but I need payment provisions keeping with Schulich’s pedagogical institution. Say buy the book – pay for it in 2008? No money down? No interest?… Hold on. Disregard… I already have NO INTEREST.

  2. Rob Cottingham
    Rob Cottingham September 28, 2007

    Mose, any thoughts on your title for the sequel to his book? 🙂

  3. mose
    mose October 1, 2007

    well, funnily – they replayed the sound bite on 680 over the weekend.
    he stated categorically that he fatal flaw for peopel in business is ego and being too smart.
    he also went on ro say that you should know somethign about what you are getting into… or get a partner that does.
    God, why didn’t I think about that when I set up my shop many uears ago.
    I should call someone who knows something, that isn’t to smart with no ego.
    Well, I may write a book too.
    Dumb Like Me. By Anonymous.
    Or Mr. Schulich’s Part Deux could be.
    “Get Richer”
    “How to become a Canadian Millionaire! (Start with your dad’s 100 million and whittle it down)
    Intro by Timothy Eaton.
    I could go on…
    Anyway he also gave relationship advice. So thoughtful.

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