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Take Profectio's Search Engine Marketing Survey!

As we all know, Search Engine Marketing has become a powerful part of the overall advertising and marketing mix, but, to date, there really hasn’t been any solid Canadian data.
Dave Forde over at Profectio is trying to change that! has recently launched their “Secrets to Effective Canadian Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Survey” and is looking for our input.

Once the survey results has been compiled, Dave ensures me that they’ll be shared.  So make sure your input is received!
And just in case you needed another incentive for helping out a fellow Canadian marketer, Profectio is also giving away a couple of cool prizes.  So, go, take the survey.  Now!

One Comment

  1. Natasha
    Natasha September 26, 2007

    Done. Although, since this is such needed info for our community, the bribe of prizes was not needed.
    Further, even B2B surveys should allow space for respondents to NOT answer for sake of privacy (see Question #s 13,19,25,26).
    Question #23 should have had a data entry field for “Other” so that folks who are unfamiliar whether their campaigns “fit” into other categories could explain in their own words.
    Speaking of which, #23 probably should have been #1 since there was no explanation of what this group defined as SEM.
    Not complaining; it’s the coffee that makes me edgy.
    This is a great initiative so thank you, Profectio, for taking responsibility. Looking forward not only to this year’s results but upcoming annual surveys.

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