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Month: October 2007

Using Email to Build Trust

New contributor, Matthew Vernhout, shares five practical short/long-term tips to help marketers build their email/campaigns in ways that will encourage recipients to accept, open and act upon email.

  1. Gather and Respect Consent.
  2. Be Patient. Be Methodical.
  3. Be Clear.
  4. Provide Valuable Options.
  5. Manage Expectations.
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DMC Keynote: Dr. Anita Sands, VP Innovation from RBC

Dr. Anita Sands gave one of the most popular keynotes at this year’s Digital Marketing Conference. Discussing the topic of innovation, she reminded marketers that sometimes innovation is small. And that innovation is ultimately about what is valuable to your customers.
A little snippet from her talk …

Innovation connects what is possible to what is valuable to our clients and our shareholders.
Don’t mistake innovation for invention; innovation doesn’t have to be something new.
APPLIED innovation. Ideas are not the problem. Implementation and measurement are the challenge.

In this video, Dr. Sands shares a few thoughts about how to get started innovating in your organization.

[If you’re reading this in the feed, you may have to click through for the video.]

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