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Handvertising – Would You Do This?

I just got an email pitch from Handvertising USA


And all I can think is "Seriously?"  This is where we are as marketers?  This is the best we can do?  I understand that they are initially targeting clubs and other event venues.  But really?
What do you think?  Am I off base?  Is this the best thing since sliced bread? Under what circumstances would you recommend Handvertising to your client – and to which client?


  1. Roger Garcia
    Roger Garcia October 18, 2007

    Actually I did consider something similar for a “Frosh” week initiative.
    Handvertising could prove a quick, event-linked buzz support tactic.
    I can see it being used in events like beach volleyball tournaments and concerts, or even replace the wristband approach with an ad sponsored “identifier.”
    My two cents

  2. David Jones
    David Jones October 18, 2007

    This says to me that I should put a ratec ard together for the various spaces available on my person if my body is now a medium for advertising messages.
    Agency discount of 17.5% applies.
    Hand = $50
    Both Hands = $75
    Forearm = $150
    Shoulder = $200
    Of course, I’ll give both my middle fingers for free.

  3. Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke October 18, 2007

    I got this pitch TWICE, and I still won’t blog about it. This is the stupidest idea, almost to the point where it needs to be ridiculed, so thanks for bringing it up, Kate.

  4. Monica Hamburg
    Monica Hamburg October 18, 2007

    So creepy. But at least it’s a stamp – so it’s merely a bad idea rather than a baffling and offensive one such as
    permanent tattoo advertising.

  5. Kate Trgovac
    Kate Trgovac October 18, 2007

    Hey, Roger! Awesome – thank you for sharing! Frosh week makes sense to me – can you share the brand you were considering it for? I am curious. Also, did you ever have any feedback from the target audience?
    David … best comment ever!
    Chris … I think one of the things that rankles me the most (and I don’t want to discourage anyone who sees this as a potentially good idea from speaking up – so thank you again, Roger) is the copy on their website – “get your message across without lifting a finger” (unless it’s one of David’s middle 2). I wonder if the positioning were different, if I wouldn’t be as offended. I mean, there are tons of events that need handstamps. Why not a branded one? Hmm .. still feels weird.
    Oh, product extension .. virtual tattoos for avatars!

  6. Leigh
    Leigh October 18, 2007

    Do they have glow in the dark? Glow in the dark would be cool…

  7. Eden Spodek
    Eden Spodek October 18, 2007

    This seems pretty tame in comparison to forehead and bikini advertising. And by the way, if anyone is into avatar advertising, I know one who might be interested.

  8. Lex
    Lex October 19, 2007

    You know, it might be an interesting way to do door stamps for promotional or launch events. We all know how hard it is to wash these puppies off… so your launch $$ might go a little further.
    But again, clubbing and youth market.

  9. Duane Brown
    Duane Brown October 22, 2007

    Just got my firs pitch by them and I won’t be blogging about it because it’s not even related to the marketing niche I cover. Even if it was related, it’s not something that interests me or my readers.

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