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Impressions, Notes and Videos from the CMA's Digital Marketing Conference

One Degree (in the form of myself and Alexa Clark) attended the CMA’s Digital Marketing Conference last week. We had the opportunity to sit down with a number of the speakers and get their “What is the One Thing You Want People to Take Away from Your Presentation?” We also spoke with some of the participants and got their perspective on “What is the One Thing You Learned at the DMC this Year?” We’ll be posting these videos over the next week or so.
Alexa shot and edited all videos as well as a number of photos. They have been posted to the CMA’s Digital Marketing Conference event page on Facebook.
We also saw a number of our contributors at the DMC and the keynotes there inspired some folks, so we should see some additional commentary from One Degree members.
If we didn’t get to see you at the DMC, but you’d like to share the “One Thing You Learned”, send it in. I’ll be doing a compilation post.
In any case, it was great to see so many One Degree readers and contributors there!