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What's Cool to Tweens? Hint, it's not pogs!

Do you remember pogs?  What about Pokemon?  Or Cabbage Patch Kids?
All of these were considered "cool" at one time or another during my childhood.  The most technologically advanced "cool" thing was Pong on my Atari home system.
Kids today have a different sense of cool.  Or at least different options.  YTV has released their Tween Report for Fall 2007 and all things digital are all things cool:


Also of note, this generation is currently feeling safe, happy and optimistic about the future!

With increasingly gruesome headlines flashing before our eyes, it’s comforting to know that the majority of kids feel safe at home, in school and in their neighbourhoods.
– 93% of kids agree with the statement “My neighbourhood is safe” (49% agree a lot, 44% agree a little)
– 93% of kids say “I feel safe in my school” (46% agree a lot, 47% agree a little)
– 95% of kids say “My parents can always keep me safe” (66% agree a lot, 29% agree a little)

Today’s generation of tweens appear to be happy, content, and optimistic about the future:
– 91% of kids believe they will go to University (59% agree a lot, 32% agree a little)
– 97% of kids say they “have great friends” (66% agree a lot, 31% agree a little)
– 96% of kids agree with the statement “I believe I will have a good job” (69% agree a lot, 28% agree a little)
– And 96% of kids say “I am happy most of the time” (59% agree a lot, 37% agree a little)


  1. Jenny Bullough
    Jenny Bullough November 6, 2007

    Ok, hold on. Crocs are cooler than Facebook?? Seriously?

  2. David Isserman
    David Isserman November 6, 2007

    My vote is for the Playstation, especially if it would come preloaded with Splinter Cell!

  3. john
    john November 7, 2007

    I know there are younger people on Facebook (lie-ing about their age) but for the most part why would facebook be on a survey for tweens….I always thought a tween was a 10-12 yr old…maybe the tweens are re-connecting with their pre-school classmates 🙂

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