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Wednesday, November 14 – Web Analytics Wednesday – Toronto

Are you going to Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW) Toronto on November 14th? You should! It’s going to be at Bar Wellington, 520 Wellington Street West, 416.341.8880. Sign up on the event Web site.

What is WAW?
A brain child of Eric Peterson, WAW events are an opportunity for folks interested in Web Analytics to meet face to face informally and chat about sweet successes or trials and tribulations of working in analytics. WAW’s began in early 2005 and are held around the world at 6 P.M. local time. Frequently asked questions about WAW.)

A big “Thank you” to Patrick Glinski, Critical Mass for organizing this event (and the last 2 also!)

You do NOT have to be a Web analyst or heavily involved in Web analytics to attend. All are welcome, whether you’re from the Toronto area or not. In fact, at the past WAWs, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting Joseph and Susan Carrabis of NextStage Evolution (Scotsburn, N.S), Shaina Boone from Critical Mass (Chicago) and Mike Spaeth from Coremetrics (New York), who all happened to be in the area and joined our gathering.

Join us! To find out more about the event and register, check out the event Web site.

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