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Two on Facebook … FNN Video and Employee Groups

Two good Facebook-y things from Brendan Hodgson

The first, an interesting piece on a Tim Horton’s employee Facebook group.  Brendan discusses some of the posts of the group (including rather "snarky" directives to the customer) and then concludes with a musing on what is REALLY going on:

Ultimately, I wonder if this form of communication highlights not only
the issues and complaints of customers (which typically has been the
focus of social media) but also those of employees – who are (in a
roundabout way) communicating to their employees that a different form
of customer communication could create a better experience all-round.

Nice piece.  There are a lot of employee groups on Facebook (sanctioned and not) and it’s something that employers are going to have to deal with.

Brendan also points us to this video from comedy troupe Train of Thought … their version of FNN: Facebook News NetworkYOUR Newsfeed, Right Now!