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Stacey Grant-Thompson from Rogers Canada on Mobile Advertising and Data Rates at IAB Big Day in Toronto

I interview Stacey Grant-Thompson of Rogers Canada at the Interactive To The Max Big Day conference in Toronto, November 22, 2007. Stacey discusses the future of mobile advertising in Canada, data rates and the coming of the iPhone.

Editor’s Note: Corrected Stacey’s last name.  Our apologies to Ms. Grant-Thompson.

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  1. Phil Barrett
    Phil Barrett January 17, 2008

    Thanks for posting this! It is great news that you can now get a 500 meg data plan for $80 / month. It was costing me over $400 a month prior to this to use my iphone in Canada
    In the U.S., Americans have all you can eat data plans for around $20 for their iphone. If we can get close to that number, you’ll see much faster adoption of mobile web and other services in Canada

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