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Bloggers Take Home the Test the Nation Trophy

CBC’s Test the Nation: Trivia aired Sunday evening and One Degree’s editor-in-chief Kate Trgovac and contributor Alexa Clark, as well as other blogging luminaries like David Jones from PR Works and Rick Spence of Canadian Entrepreneur, were right there in the studio competing as part of the winning  "Blogger" Team.

Easily the rowdiest team in the studio (especially during the technology section), the bloggers beat out cab drivers, flight crew, chefs, backpackers and celebrity look-alikes to take home the glittering 21st Century Trivia trophy. Wooo! Congratulations, bloggers!! Finally – all that time in front the computer is paying off.

It was a banner night all round for the bloggers – Rick Spence of Canadian Entrepreneur had the highest overall score and the blogger team’s celebrity coach, Samantha Bee of The Daily Show, had the best score among the celebrities.

The great thing about a whole team of bloggers is that you know most of them blogged about the whole experience seconds after it was over. Check out a full list of bloggers below the fold!

  • Rebecca Bollwitt (blog)
  • Amber Macarthur (blog
  • Ryan Porter (blog
  • Ryan Couldrey (blog
  • Dan Arnold 
  • Jon Arnold (blog
  • Christopher Bird (blog
  • Buzz Bishop (blog
  • Ryan Cousineau (blog
  • Katharine Hay (blog
  • Jesse Hirsch (blog
  • David Jones (blog
  • Allyson Kenning (blog
  • John Klein 
  • Andree Lau (blog
  • Lainey Liu 
  • John Martz 
  • Hugh McGuire (blog
  • Mark McIntyre (blog
  • Patrick Metzger 
  • Andy Nulman (blog
  • Craig Silverman (blog
  • Julien Smith (blog
  • Allan Sorenson (blog
  • Rick Spence (blog
  • Graeme Stewart (blog
  • David Topping (blog
  • Kate Trgovac (blog)
  • James Viloria (blog
  • Karen Whaley (blog
  • Frank Yang

    1. David Jones
      David Jones January 21, 2008

      It was a blast. The blogger sweep was the icing on the cake. Big congrats to Rick Spence for being the top dog with 57 out of 60! He even beat the Jeopardy veteran on the backpacker team.

    2. Glenda
      Glenda January 21, 2008

      Congrats to all the bloggers! Well done.

    3. Rob Cottingham
      Rob Cottingham January 23, 2008

      I’m proud of you all. And I hope my question doesn’t take away from your achievement, but… can you tell us what we’re *really* dying to know?
      What’s Samantha Bee like?

    4. Kate Trgovac
      Kate Trgovac January 24, 2008

      @Allan – great post!
      @doctor_jones – it was so FUN! I can’t believe how rowdy we all were 🙂 To me, this totally flies in the face of how that grouchy Sask professor characterised all bloggers as solitary basement dwellers. Wonder if he was watching.
      @Glenda – thanks! We were very proud.
      @Rob – 🙂 She was lovely! A touch embarrassed by our unadulterated adoration – but she waved and shouted to “her people” during commercial breaks. Also, came over at the end of the show. I got a hug 🙂 She is quite petite in Real-Life. Very friendly.

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