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Six simple tricks to boost AdWords clicks


  1. Leesa Barnes
    Leesa Barnes January 24, 2008

    I tried doing #4 using the phrase “1 Click” and Google didn’t accept my ad. I modified it to “1-Click” and it was still not accepted by Google. I went with “1 Step Closer” instead and that worked.

  2. Kathryn Lagden
    Kathryn Lagden January 24, 2008

    Given the earlier discussion about these promoposts I wanted to share this experience…
    I still get onedegree via email (not sure why since I use a reader for all other blogs!). When I read this promopost I thought, ‘those are good ideas, I should tag this so I can reference it later’. I clicked through so I could tag the post and was pleasantly surprised to see it was one of the promoposts Kate had talked about introducing to the site.
    I know a lot of thought and discussion went into these promoposts and how to provide value and not have them too promotional. I think this one hits just the right tone. I’ll certainly be trying some of these tips.
    One suggestion – I’d love to have a person’s name with this post. It would make it a lot more personal and be more likely to generate comments and discussion if it felt like there was a person (versus a company) on the other end.

  3. Simon Smith
    Simon Smith January 28, 2008

    Leesa, I wonder if that’s related to the product that you’re selling. Perhaps Google has decided that “1-click” doesn’t relate to your offering. Another possibility is trademark. Amazon, I believe, owns a trademark on “1-click,” and perhaps Google’s trying to prevent people from infringing on that trademark. As we all know, things change so fast with AdWords that any tip can only be general; I’d be interested in hearing how well your “1 Step Closer” variation performs.

  4. Kate Trgovac
    Kate Trgovac January 28, 2008

    @Kathryn … thanks for your thoughts! We’re really pleased with this one too. We’ve heard time and again that actionable expertise is definitely something our readers are interested in and excited about. And I agree with your suggestion about adding a name to the post; I think it speaks to some of the things we all like about social media like transparency and conversation. We’ll see if we can start doing that!
    @Leesa … thanks for trying out the tips and leaving a comment about your attempt. I see Simon has contributed his thoughts on this. I echo his comments about reporting back – would be great to hear what your test results are.

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