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Welcome to New Contributors on One Degree

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a few new contributors here on One Degree.  We’d like to formally welcome them to our League of Extraordinary Contributors:

We originally interviewed Simon Rodrigue in one of our 5 Question Interviews; now he’s blogging and writing for us.  His piece on Online Merchandising gives a great framework for thinking about how to position and promote your product online.

We met our new contributor from Halifax, Ben Boudreau, through CBC’s Canada Writes. His most recent post, MRP 101 – Measuring for Success! was picked up as one of the top 15 PR posts of the day over at PR Voices earlier this week.

Sonia Carreno is the principal of Toronto-based Passage Communications.  Her post on Social Networking and the Key to Anne’s Diary – Biometrics had our Anne-obsessed managing editor wishing the internet had been around when she was a kid.

Our contributors
are One Degree’s greatest asset. If you’re interested in writing for
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Photo credit: Superheroes by Matt Stratton