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The Mose on Vids

Editor’s note: We thought that we’d add a little edge to Fridays here at One Degree. So we let The Mose loose with his first One Degree rant.

I am at my wit’s end. Yes, thanks all for the comments –  I know it wasn’t a long trip.

This is what put me over the edge:

Wearable Video

Ok. Enough already. (Gets back from medicine cabinet – two Tylenol popped and swilled back)

I am somewhat involved in The Cluetrain ( If you haven’t heard of this – please stop reading and go to …

and about a bazillion of others. You probably have them all bookmarked. Away ya go… see ya. (Patronizingly pats their little empty heads.)

Hey? They all left!!!!  Why is no one here? HELLO!!!!!!

My point exactly,  Bucky!

You see,  if you are a Cluetrain cultist, you believe that any and all  "throbbing grizzle" and "jumping bunnies" (which pretty-much sums up all the video content online) is just not the internet. They devalue the experience. Lessen it. Lower it. Just screw up the relationship.

"The more the web is like TV – the less we need it." Quote, the Cluetrain.

Now here is the issue. I have always believed that the net is all about user experience. And, let’s say, for argument’s sake, that with the proliferation and glut of vids online and more bandwidth, easier production software etc. etc., that users want them.

Hmmm, he scratches his bald pate and muses… "What are ya, stupid? Wake up!"

I don’t care what ya want. You, sadly are wrong.

Is it because we as digital experts have no clue (pun intended) as to what to do for our clients in order to lead them into the wonderful world of "interactivity?" Are we like our Ad Buddies  (I laughed at Mario’s recent post BTW – Death of Advertising? Sorry – been dead for 20+ years) who have served up client driven and client approved crap as advertising ’cause they didn’t have the backbone to actually stand up for what is right – assuming that there are any ad professionals left out there that really know? Oh well, it is Canada: "A good campaign is a client approved campaign." Nuff said about that mess.

Sorry, je digress …

So, for all these years we served clients brochure sites, and we have been happy to go to the bank and deposit filthy lucre for all the "Happy-Marketing-Brochure-Speak-Sites" we have built them.  And now "TA-DA" we can get em "Talking Brochure Sites"?

We already have enough crap on TV.  Have for decades. TV – That’s the open sewer in your living room Gladys!

The one you put your kids in front of to baby sit. The one you run to after a tough day at the old office and have a far more in-depth relationship with than your spouse, your Mom or your kids! The one your sons and daughters watch all day and night instead of reading, talking, playing games, being outside and discovering a world for themselves.

The device that is making you depressed. (BTW want to feel better? Stop watching TV.)

Anyway je digress, encore, again, one more time

I hate TV. I hate what it has done to us. I hate what it is doing to us.

I fear that the Net – where there could still be an element of free speech, empowerment and powerful one-to-one  "conversations" is getting to be just what we feared … "cheap TV."

Along with the cheap element is:

1. Crappy content,
2. Crappy production value,
3. Lowest common denominator sensibilities (think stuff even "America’s Funniest Videos" wouldn’t dare run
4. Enough bandwidth wasted to educate most of the kids on the planet for free.

I see no value to video online. Like when I tell folks I do not have a TV – haven’t for a long time. Know what they all say: "Oh I don’t watch TV"  or "I only watch the Discovery Channel".  Or, "Oh yes I agree but there are wonderful programs Live at Lincoln Centre …PBS etc., etc."

That is where I up-chuck my coffee.

Liars. All.

Everyone is sitting there watching "Fear Factor" –  "Canadian Idol" –  "Springer"  and other crap. For lack of a better term, I call it cultural pornography.

If the Fall of Rome was midnight – well, we are at 11:55.

I have clients clamouring to put video on their sites. I have clients who I am about to fire. If I don’t kill them first. If I lose it you can watch for my Video on YouTube.


  1. Mario Parisé
    Mario Parisé February 15, 2008

    Glad I made you laugh Mose…
    Pushing aside my feelings about that comment, I have to completely disagree with you on the notion that video degrades the web. Video is simply another medium. We could always get the same kind of “crappy content” in text or audio. If anything, video reduces the barrier to publication to let those who don’t like to write take part. Sure, most of it is mindless drivel. It’s also human and raw and real, which is far more valuable to me than elitist intellectual rants. And unlike television, we all get to decide what succeeds, not the networks. It’s not America’s Funniest Videos. It’s just people doing what people do best: sharing and connecting. Which is so completely different from TV that I find it hard to accept that you don’t see it.

  2. Kate Trgovac
    Kate Trgovac February 15, 2008

    This morning, I came across this really fantastic article on iMedia that is addressing the state of video on the Internet. And how the kids are telling us that it does suck. And that’s OK – if it’s free, we should have pretty low expectations.
    Called: An Evening with the YouTube Killers
    “Marketers may be ready for video ads, but are users ready to embrace the platform with open arms? We got the scoop from the people who matter most — users.”

  3. Monica Hamburg
    Monica Hamburg February 15, 2008

    Ah, a rant – you got my attention, Bucky.
    1) Agree re: Wearable video – WOW. It’s now on my list of the stupidest things I have ever seen (granted, it’s a long list, but still)
    2)Disagree re: Your opinion on the state of the internet. The term “video online” encompasses everything, and I am surprised you find nothing of value therein. Although there is a great deal of crap and nauseating matter to sift through (including the plethora of entertainment for the near-brain dead), there is also a considerable amount of wonderful, inspiring and often intelligent content and conversation (e.g. panel interviews etc.) Sure, you have to focus and search, but it is certainly there. Of course there still are people who WANT Americas Funniest Videos, just like there are those who only watch The Intellectual Hour with Johnston Humberbum – but it would be a pity if there wasn’t variety offered anywhere – all content should not cater to either of these groups, and sometimes even an intellectual wants to chill out with a beer and watch someone get hit in the nuts by their baseball bat-wielding offspring.
    P.S. I don’t watch “TV” either. But when I do it’s “Sounds of the Ukrainian Symphony in D-minor”. No wait, it’s actually “Family Guy” and “The Shield”.

  4. Chris Williams
    Chris Williams February 18, 2008

    Content and video content on the internet reflects people’s interest, society and outlook better than television. It is the best and the worst of everything whereas television has the broadcasters and creators as filters. Sure a lot of it is crap – but as a population look in the mirror, people start wars, they hate each other, they obsess about wrinkles, they eat the wrong food and scream at their kids. The perfect medium should and does reflect that. Now, it can also be used for noble purposes. There is good stuff out there –

  5. mose
    mose February 19, 2008

    Well, I went looking. And other than a ton of more Cheap TV I am not convinced. Not yet anyway. Bad amateur stuff and lots of nicked vid content. Like reading damned newspapers online – why? I read it this morning over coffee. I use the online “second hand” news when I need to research – now that is a powerful tool!!!
    Yep it is a medium. uhuh I know. I have written and completed – I dunno maybe 500 TV commercials (was CD of large agencies) so i get the video thing as a medium. Oh, and Mario I wasn’t laughing at your post I was musing about the state of the Ad Biz… As a friend once quipped to me about the status of French separation.. “They gone yet?”
    the same can be said for ads – gone. The Biz is dead. I can assure you. I was standing there when they pulled the plug. (That is a metaphor for whetn the first accountant was named pres of an agency BTW) the rest followed suit. Pudin heads wouldn’t know advertising if it fell on them.
    And Kate and Monica thanks for the input – wonderful.
    Now I did go to Chris’ site – watched the vids…
    Still my same thinking … did it change who I was? Did it make me think differently? Want to make me write, sent missives, protest?
    No. They were talking heads (and a cute Star Trek edit) And I think I had seen them before somewhere… not sure.
    Sadly I think of something a wise person told me. Well, two things really.
    1 – 90 some odd % of the internet is shit. Find that small percentage that isn’t and you will be transformed. Yep – worth the search. Ergo why we search… all the time. Non stop. Why Google is about the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
    2 – (Same genius BTW) “Uhuh, the Net. But, you know there will be something better, just around the corner. Not sure what it will be but will make this thing called the net look like chalk compared to computers.”

  6. mose
    mose February 21, 2008

    Sorry – not trying to hog the commenst page here, nor beat the preverbial dead horse – but, I just saw something that – well, it’s special.
    Score advertising insert from their e-news about Arizona.
    I have been faced with this scenario from clients. “I want a flip book on my site”. they say jumping up and down like children at a Raptor’s Game wanting more crack. Those commenst BTW are from the clients that haven’t quite gotten to “video” on the site yet LOL
    Oh my. Anyway …
    Well here is a flash book with video and sound. The ultimate “jumping bunny and throbbing grizzle” site feature.
    Not only does it take a few minutes to figure out how to navigate (Big mistake – we must have recognition vs recall) you can’t read it without zooming then (oh joy) you can be entertained by “talking” heads doin happy marketing speak. And music. Very bad music.
    I digress for a moment remembering a Bob Newhart routine… I will paraphrase …
    “I don’t want to denigrate anyone here who likes that type of Flash programming. Oh, and if you are one of those folks – denigrate means to “put down.”
    Sorry had to do it !!!
    Anyway, this is the perfect example of “not” getting it.
    Mind you as an avid golfer I have received Score Golfs e-newsletter for years and well, they certainly can’t really help themselves can they?
    They think they are in the TV and radio game here online. I remember a client I had years ago when I was doing their online e-newsletters – she wanted it to be like “People” magazine. Well, no. take a look at People magazine. “No. i would rather play piano in a brothel.” I think I told her if memory serves.
    They, sadly, like most folks just don’t get the net.
    Hope Score got a shit load of do re me to add this Arizona advertisement.
    This ladies and germs is the ultimate example of building an “electronic buggy whip”.
    Nuff said.

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