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Calling Canadian Marketing and Communications Bloggers

What We're Doing

We have a number of excellent bloggers in the Canadian
marketing/PR/communication/creativity/digital culture space.  And there
are plenty of ranking sites (albeit not purely Canadian) to go along with these blogs: AdAge Power
150, Viral Garden's Top 25, or good ol' Technorati.  But there isn't a
*directory* of Canadian communication blogs where each blog has the same basic info.

So we're going to take on a potentially Sisyphean task and create "The Great Canadian Marketing and Communications Blogroll" (I'm open to
suggestions for better names! Leave your suggestions in the comments).

What's In It For You

This isn't a blog ranking directory, per se.  However, we are going to
allow you to rank a blog.  On each entry, there will be a mechanism for
you to give a blog a star rating from 1 to 5.  We're not going to sort
them anywhere by this ranking, but it will allow our blogroll browsers
to see how valuable each individual blog is to other readers.  It's all about value to the community.

Each blog will be featured in a post when they are first submitted, giving the community a chance to check them out and give them a star ranking. We'll
also have a rotating "Featured Blog" in our new "One Degree Blogroll"
section in the sidebar. And of course, once submitted, each blog will be enshrined in our Blogroll category.

How to Submit

So, if you'd like to participate, please send the following details to mose [at] onedegree [dot] ca.

Name of Blog:
What is the name of your blog?

One Line Description:
A pithy one-liner describing your blog

Topics It Covers:
Keywords – no more than 10.

English, French, Klingon – whatever you write in

Your name and your co-authors names.  If you have more than three, we'll just list "Group"

Where are you in the world – Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Moose Jaw

Contact Deets:
Either your email (we'll spam-deter it) or a link to a
page that has your contact info or your Facebook/LinkedIn URL –
however you want people to contact you.

Three Representative Posts:

Please  include both the title of the post and the permalink.  Please don't send more than three.  If you do, we will link to your "hello world" post and your "Talk Like a Pirate Day" post.

Miscellaneous Notes and Accolades:

You're on the AdAge Power 150.  You won a Webby.  Michael Arrington
linked to you. Sean Moffitt friended you on Facebook.  If you have a
companion podcast, mention it in here.

Successful Blog Submission Criteria

We reserve the right not to list your blog if you don't meet some basic
criteria.  What criteria? 

  • Your blog should have *something* to
    do with marketing, communications, social media and PR.  If your blog is generally about your cats but you write the occasional rant about how Sean Moffitt keeps friending you on Facebook, maybe don't submit your blog.
  • You should write
    your content yourself – so if you're just a feedblog, that's great, but
    we likely won't list you. 
  • You should be writing from Canada.
  • Other mystery criteria we reserve the right to make up as the occasion arises.

We look forward to getting your submissions! Please help us spread the word, on your blogs and anywhere else you can think of. We're looking for blog representation from all across Canada (that means you P.E.I. and Nunavut!).

One Comment

  1. Véronique Desrosiers
    Véronique Desrosiers March 24, 2008

    It’s a great idea!! We all need to learn from each other and exchange best practices.
    Good luck!

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