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MobileStorm's "Commercial" for their White Paper on Digital Messaging

This was sent to me by the folks at  It’s a video promoting their upcoming white paper entitled "Digital Messaging Best Practices For Geniuses"

From a B2B perspective, I thought this was a neat idea – using a catchy video to illustrate their central thesis.  My perception is that B2B marketing is an area that is under-serviced, particularly in terms of social media and particularly in Canada.  Anyone have any great examples of B2B marketing via social media closer to home?

Bonus Link: MobileStorm has a post on their blog about optimizing video for search engines.  Part 2 of that post has a list of video sharing sites (great resource) plus some recommended key words.  From the article:

Let’s start with the video optimization.

Remember 3 things here:

    – Title;
    – Description;
    – Keywords.

The video title should be short but descriptive. Tell what the video
is about in one line and make sure to use words that fit what people
would naturally search to find that content. You want you title
outstand all others in the results to make people clicks on yours.

The video description should explain what it is about and how the
viewer can benefit from it. It should include a couple of major
keywords that will make it easy for your video to be found in searches.

The video keywords (most video sites call them “tags”) should
include up to 30 of the most targeted words/phrases related to your
video. This is important for not just being found via search engines
and video portals but also for being a “related video” for the videos
from your competition. That’s your additional traffic right here.

It goes on to talk about the importance of file names and thumbnails – not sexy, but ESSENTIAL for SEO! Great piece for those who use a lot of video as viral promos.

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  1. mose
    mose February 22, 2008

    “Marketers can get messages out faster today than ever, no matter where consumers are or the time of day. ”
    Sadly when “market” turned into a verb with us as the object we stopped listening. The message has been an axe clobbering us forever… when will we learn. The idea is to have the consumer put up his or her hand and be served.
    We just don’t want the barrage. Even if it is coated with humour.
    My view of this … Wii-Tarded.
    I loved this article from Ad Age

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