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ProPR by Joseph Thornley (Blogroll)

Name of Blog: ProPR
One Line Description: Joseph Thornley explores the
intersection of social media and public relations
Topics It Covers: social media, marketing, public relations,
community building, social networks, measurement and metrics,
Language: English
Author(s): Joseph Thornley
Location: Ottawa, Toronto and anywhere Air Canada has a Maple
Leaf lounge
Contact Deets: Joe’s Facebook Profile

Three Representative Posts:

  1. Advice to the Class of 08: Blogging is an essential for new PR practitioners
  2. Community Project: Roundtable on Social Media Measurement
  3. Joe’s Social Media Bookshelf

Miscellaneous Notes and Accolades:
A passionate booster of Canada and Canada’s social media smarts. Wants
Third Tuesday social media meetups to spring up everywhere so that Canadians
can come together, learn from one another and stop being so darned modest. We

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