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What's Next for Advertising and Marketing?

What IS the future of Advertising and Marketing?

This is a great slideshow from Paul Isakson – it connects a number of the smaller pieces that have been floating about, particularly ideas about product marketing, the role of content, the role of agencies and how we reach our customers online.  Definitely worth a flip through (goes much faster than the 91 slides would lead you to believe)!

h/t to Brendan Hodgson via delicious

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  1. dominique
    dominique April 8, 2008

    This is a great slide set. While I agree with most you’re saying:
    – Being a parent of teens, I doubt that advertising will go away that easily.
    Today I just bought a Beckham T-Shirt, an iPod and a pair of Converse. None of these purchase would qualify as remarquable (maybe an iPod in the early days).
    – I also can’t find any superior value of a pink dress over a blue dress although my 3 years old daughter will invariably go for the pink one.
    Observe, listen yes; it’s key, but don’t slow down too fast on influence & advertise.

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