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PR for the People by Tom Reidt (Blogroll)

Name of Blog: PR for the People
One Line Description: A blog about Public Relations, social media, ethics and other topics. Now with more content and less links!
Topics It Covers:  PR, social media, ethics, PR student experience, general topics of PR interest
Language: English
Author(s): Tom "Toronto" Reidt
Location: Toronto
Contact Deets: contact [at] tomtoronto [dot] ca

Three Representative Posts:

  1. Potential Roles for PR in a Recession
  2. Does Facebook Violate A Gag Order?
  3. Like Watching an Apple Go Rotten

Miscellaneous Notes and Accolades:
I am a member of the Public Relations Feedburner Network organized by Dave Jones, I was linked to in (once) and yes, Sean Moffitt friended me on Facebook.

Community Rating:

One Comment

  1. Tom Reidt
    Tom Reidt April 10, 2008

    Thanks for including me in the blogroll! I appreciate it. Also, thanks to whomever rated my blog 5 stars, I promise it wasn’t me.

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