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Domain Slamming: Don't Let It Happen to You

Earlier this week I got an email from my friend Mike. In it, he wrote:

"I just received a letter from the Domain Registry of Canada asking me to renew [my domain name] through them, and I’m confused… Do I renew through them or through [my current registrar] Or does it really matter?"

As fast as I could, I fired off the following reply to him:

"Hi Mike,

I am SO glad you asked, and you will be too.

You were about to fall prey to an old and nasty trick called "domain slamming". Google the term "domain slamming" and you will find lots of articles about this slimy practice and the havoc it causes, as well as more information on the companies that have been accused of domain slamming.

Renew your domain name via your current registrar ONLY. You can always identify who your current registrar is by doing a WHOIS search."

Mike is a highly educated technology professional who has worked in the Internet industry for over a decade. If someone like him can come close to being duped by domain slammers, imagine what could happen to someone who is less tech-savvy (or less suspicious).

You may be reading this and saying to yourself, "yeah, yeah, this is old news, I’d never fall for something like this."

And that’s great. Good for you.

But I’ll bet some of your colleagues, clients, friends, or family could get suckered in.

Do them all a big favour and spread the word. Share this blog post and/or the following list of domain slamming resources with them, and help protect them from being the next victim of the domain slammers.

Domain Slamming Resources:

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Be Aware: Domain Registry of Canada Scam

Domain Registration Scams

Beware of Fake Domain Name Renewal Notices

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  1. Roman
    Roman April 8, 2008

    Wow that is crazy. Every time you think that are immune to scamming due to the experience those guys come up with new techniques.
    Will make sure to spread the word!

  2. Brad Grier
    Brad Grier April 10, 2008

    Good, timely reminder about this. Domain Name slamming is an old, tried and true trick. Domain Registry of Canada has been sending these ‘pseudo’ bill-like renewal notes for years.
    Even though they clearly state ‘this is not a bill’ and that you will be transferring your domain, most people just glance at them and forward them off to accounting to be paid. Which authorizes the domain name transfer.
    The funny thing is, their renewal rates aren’t even competitive!

  3. Keith Holloway
    Keith Holloway April 16, 2008

    Domain Registry of Canada has been sending my clients these things for years. More than once people have been surprised that they moved their domain from us ‘accidentally’ by responding and paying these official looking ‘pseudo’ invoices.
    I can’t imagine building and running a business based on shameless trickery like they are.

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