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The Multitasker by Corby Fine (Blogroll)

Name of Blog: The Multitasker
One Line Description: Internet Marketing, Networking and Cool Stuff with a Business Focus
Topics It Covers:  Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Networking, Career Development, Cool Stuff
Language: English
Author(s): Corby Fine
Location: Toronto
Contact Deets: corby [at] themultitasker [dot] com

Three Representative Posts:

  1. Why launch a web site when the content is not ready?
  2. When allowing user generated content, can the brand trust the contributors?
  3. Never leave a party without one new contact

Miscellaneous Notes and Accolades:
Newly launched blog by Toronto agency Mighty’s Interactive Group Account Director

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One Comment

  1. Corby Fine
    Corby Fine April 11, 2008

    Thanks for the listing, the blog is now updated creatively and expanding on the posts. Expect a new post every 1-2 days and thanks for the readership.

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