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WiderFunnel Conversion Optimization Blog by Raquel Hirsch and Chris Goward (Blogroll)

Name of Blog: WiderFunnel Conversion Optimization Blog
One Line Description: You don’t need more traffic. You need more Actions!
Topics It Covers:  Conversion Rate Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Website Strategic Planning, A/B Split Testing, Multivariate Testing
Language: English
Author(s): Raquel Hirsch and Chris Goward
Location: Vancouver
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Three Representative Posts:

  1. Landing Page Optimization Key: Create More Value than Cost
  2. What if there’s an economic downturn?
  3. Show me the money (not the clicks!)

Miscellaneous Notes and Accolades:
The first Canadian Google Website Optimizer Approved Consultant company, WiderFunnel Marketing is on the leading edge of developing the planning, processes and technical advancements in this new area of expertise called Conversion Rate Optimization. Our clients enjoy continuously improving conversion rates and we’re happy to share the latest learning with our blog readers.

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