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Sequentia Joins Environics Group of Companies

More good news from Canada’s internet sector … Sequentia Communications, headed by Jennifer Evans, is joining the Environics Group of Companies to become Sequentia Environics.  From the press release …

Sequentia, renamed Sequentia Environics, will provide online marketing and customer communication services to a strong roster of existing clients, as well as those within the Environics family of companies.

"Jennifer Evans and her team share the same integrity and philosophy of client service excellence we have built at Environics," said Bruce MacLellan, president, Environics Communications. "Sequentia Environics will enhance the spectrum of services we provide to clients, with skills in community building, social media, search marketing and other online engagement tactics. This partnership moves Environics Communications to the forefront of online communications, in addition to our long-standing strengths in public relations, social media, event marketing, sales training and public affairs."

"We’re delighted to be the newest company in the Environics family and to add our expertise to the extensive services provided to clients across North America," said Jennifer Evans, founder and president of Sequentia. "The Internet and other digital media provide many opportunities for companies to connect directly with their audiences, and our content-centered approach heightens visibility in a crowded marketplace. When customers have the information to find what they really want, our clients benefit with measurable increases in sales and loyalty."

You can read Jen’s take on the partnership as well the full press release online.

Congrats, Jen and the whole Sequentia crew!

Update: Alternate Press Release link in case above isn’t working.

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  1. Chris Carder
    Chris Carder April 16, 2008

    Congratulations Jen and Sequentia! And congratulations to Bruce and the team at Environics. I’ve had the pleasure to work with both groups as my clients and strategic partners over the years and I can say that the business and people values of the two organizations are perfectly alligned – which is the most important starting point for success. Here’s to another great ‘Made in Canada’ merger/acquisition strategy!
    – chris

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