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Facebook Insight by Tim McKillican & Neil Vidyarthi (Blogroll)

Name of Blog: Facebook Insight
One Line Description: Evaluating marketing trends in social networking.
Topics It Covers:  Social Networks, Facebook, Advertising, Targeted Marketing
Language: English
Author(s): Tim McKillican, Neil Vidyarthi
Location: Toronto
Contact Deets: neil [at] levelsocial [dot] com

Three Representative Posts:

  1. The Ad Revolution is Coming
  2. Federated Media, Conversational Marketing and a Second Round of Funding
  3. Facebook Application Revenue: 5.2 Million Users = Over $1.5 Million Annual Revenue

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  1. Neil@FacebookInsight
    Neil@FacebookInsight April 19, 2008

    Thanks for the consideration! We’ll be looking forward to meeting up at a Toronto social as soon as they’re announced!

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