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Five writing errors that mark you as unprofessional


  1. Ben
    Ben May 13, 2008

    The double space after sentences drives me absolutely nuts. Yes. I am THAT anal to be driven nuts by additional spaces.

  2. Adam Abrams
    Adam Abrams May 14, 2008

    Great tips! Alas, (and ironically considering the nature of this piece) the curly quotes turned into gibberish characters in the email version of this article.
    That’s a glitch that has bit me more than once… now I try and remember to always use straight quotes only – they’re uglier but bulletproof.

  3. Adam Abrams
    Adam Abrams May 14, 2008

    Whoops, some of the dashes went wonky too, not just the quote marks…

  4. Kate Trgovac
    Kate Trgovac May 14, 2008

    Thanks, Adam, for letting us know! We’ll check that out to see if we can get that corrected in the email!

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