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Apple & the City

By Ben Boudreau

Sex and the City – a beloved television series and upcoming movie about women, cocktails, fashion, sex and…Apple?

It should come as no surprise that Apple has latched on to the ongoing media frenzy surrounding the Sex and the City movie that has everyone talking. Whether you love it, hate it, or are a PC user, you won’t be able to escape the hype as we foray into the seven-day countdown.

For those who haven’t seen the show, the main character is a columnist who at least once an episode throughout the six-season run is seen typing away on her Mac. Through every break-up, one-night-stand, and New York Fashion Week, her Macbook Pro is there, hanging on her every word as viewers take note of her every move and, more importantly, product selection.

On an offshoot of the official movie website, SATC fans are able to play around on Carrie’s laptop. From scanning her photo albums, to checking out her calendar schedule, to even chatting with other movie characters online, Apple offers a true playground for diehard fans showing the potency of the soft sell.

Developers have put some serious thought into the laptop experience. Virtual sticky notes are reminiscent of the show’s running narrative, instant messaging conversations and email exchanges with her friends seem real, and the photos in the trash-bin hint at more drama with the love/hate-of her life. In order to see the exclusive content, visitors navigate through the Mac operating system and applications, all the while getting a feel for what daily Macbook life might be like.

Knowing that their product experience will speak for itself, Apple shows restraint by leaving out any direct sells or buy-nows. As a result, Apple as an advertiser balances the fine line between adding value for SATC fans and promoting their product.

With the iPod saturating the mp3 player market, Apple has plenty of brand awareness to shift their efforts toward their computer products with more creativity and less sell-sell-sell. By linking this controlled test-run masterfully with the emotional ties to a beloved TV show, Apple has designed a powerful targeted marketing campaign worth putting the cosmopolitans down.

Photo Credit: Must Love Geek


  1. Aliasgrace
    Aliasgrace May 22, 2008

    Ummm…if you have to put down your cosmo to use your mac, you’ve got to master the art of singlehanded typing.

  2. Ben
    Ben May 22, 2008

    Well, you and I both know my thoughts on a computer being a perfectly compatible drinking partner…

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