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WOM Contest Winners

I’m pleased to announce the winners in our From Mass to Grass WOM Conference contest

We changed the awarding of the tickets a little because we had so many entries in the Chia Pet blogger category and none in the small business category (small business marketers – where are you?).

We had several bloggers come up with great ideas for a WOM campaign for Chia Pets ranging from a Chia Hacks wiki to a viral video campaign promoting the Chia as the answer to global warming to giant Chia Pets stationed in public places.

Congrats to our blogger winners: Blaine Pearson, Brett Macfarlane, and Michelle Kostya!

And our non-profit winner has some great (and controversial) ideas for how to get the word out about her organization –  Congrats to Tania Semper!

We look forward to seeing all of you at From Mass to Grass on June 12!

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  1. Rob Newell
    Rob Newell June 3, 2008

    One DDBer and one Radar DDBer – good work Brett and Blaine! Must be something going on in Vancouver….

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