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Tricia Mumby on "Word of Mom" Marketing

At the recent CMA From Mass to Grass conference, Tricia Mumby from Mabel’s Labels gave a great case study on the power of "Word of Mom" marketing.  Here, she spends a minute busting the myth that you can’t find women online and offers a suggestion on one way to reach these powerful moms offline.

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  1. bitpakkit
    bitpakkit June 25, 2008

    Yahoo was working on a large study on moms and where they hung out online – in the presentation I saw I was amazed at the amount of time, trust and engagement that was put into Word of Mouth (or Word of Mom) and how easy it was for advertisers to target this massive audience. I know in my house that mom would be in big T without the internet, for both her day-to-day and special investigations, as well as sharing of family information and pictures, etc…a lot of sites are benefiting from this activity that to many would seem trivial.

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