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It's Summertime and the Living is Easy … At Least for a Month

Well, gentle readers, July is upon us and the crew over here at One Degree are going on hiatus.  Not that we’ll be languishing by the pool the whole time, mind you!  We’re headed south of the border for BlogHer this year as well as prepping for some rockin’ Olympic internet marketing and social media coverage (correspondents, time to get your game on!)

We know you’ll miss us, so when you get lonely, check out one of our top 12 most popular articles so far this year:

  1. Facebook Keeps It Real – Commentary on Story2Oh
  2. BrandPower™: Everything That’s Wrong with Traditional Media
  3. 10 Facebook Tips for Professionals
  4. N2S on Blackballing 2.0
  5. Evian Enters Second Life with Free Skin Giveaway
  6. The Worst Social Media Ad Campaigns of 2007 (SXSW Coverage)
  7. Crowdsourcing 101: Episode 4 – Concluding Thoughts
  8. How Do You Manage Your Personal Brand?
  9. Ten Viral Marketing Best Practices
  10. Everyone is all a’ Twitter – should your brand be?
  11. Six simple tricks to boost AdWords clicks
  12. Social Networking and The Key To Anne’s Diary…Biometrics

Wishing you a Happy Canada Day and/or Independence Day (depending on which team you play for). 

See you in August!


  1. Eden Spodek
    Eden Spodek July 1, 2008

    I can’t wait to read all about BlogHer, I’m sure other readers feel the same way. Have a wonderful vacation.

  2. Cindy King
    Cindy King July 12, 2008

    At least you have some time sort of off. We are working the summer through this year. Maybe vacation at years end.

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