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Cuil, Kewl or Cool: July 28, 2008 Week in Review

Editor’s Note: We’re trying something new this week – a Week in Review post.  Let
me know what you think and if there is anything you would
add/subtract.  If it proves popular/useful, I can also make it a
separate feed as well as a unique email list for those of you who don’t
want all the articles in your inbox.

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New Contributors This Week
None this
week – but you could be featured here next week!  We’re always looking
for new contributors who can bring a fresh perspective to digital
marketing and communications colleagues across Canada!  We’re
especially looking for viewpoints or case studies from places that
aren’t Toronto 🙂  Halifax, Calgary, PEI – you have great marketers, write for us

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We had job ads this week from Conair Canada, Everest Management (recruiter) and the Canadian Standards Association.  Check them out!

Seen on Canadian Marketing Blogs This Week

News Items, Press Releases and Product Announcements

  • Cuil (pronounced "cool") the new search engine launched.  Described as the "Google killer", it has met with mixed reviews.
  • Got a note that
    is ramping up.  Veeple has plans to help you monetize video streams.
    It comes from Silicon Valley.  Seems similar to what Ottawa’s Overlay.TV
    is doing.  Except I think Overlay.TV does it better.  Speaking of
    Overlay – they just moved into 0.9 Beta.  Keep track of them on their blog.
  • AppAppeal
    is a directory of reviews of Web 2.0 sites.  Get a list of the major
    sites under topics like "Travel" or "Shopping" or "Dating" (good if you
    want to target certain sites for advertising).  Each site listed also
    has a review and a rating.  Good for getting a super-high level
    overview of a Web 2.0 vertical.

Other Tidbits

This Week’s Video Meme
On pretty much every blog I read this week, this video of Randy Pausch‘s Last Lecture was featured. With good reason.  Definitely worth the watch.

Have a great long weekend!  We’ll see you back on Tuesday!


  1. Ken Schafer - OpenSRS
    Ken Schafer - OpenSRS August 1, 2008

    Oh, and Cuil could very well be the Worst. Brand. Ever. And I thought was bad!

  2. Mr. Javo
    Mr. Javo August 4, 2008

    Cuil seems good but it’s not the google killer or something similar. In fact, if you search for “COBOL” in cuil you get nothing! And Cobol is one of the oldest programming language ever… Instead, if you look for COBOL on google, you get 8.440.000, what do you think??

  3. Kate Trgovac
    Kate Trgovac August 5, 2008

    Hi, Ken! Thanks – I think there is some potential for us to act as a filter (I know I suffer from information overload) so I hope to experiment with the format.
    And yes, I agree. “Cuil” isn’t even fun to say. Ugh.

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