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Enter, Emerge and Eschew: August 18, 2008 Week in Review

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Interesting Bookmarks from the Backchannel

Got a good link for the backchannel?  Just tag it on with the tag "onedegree"

Releases, Announcements and News
Microsoft is launching their social bookmarking tool, called "Microsoft Social Bookmarks".
I’m so torn about MSFT’s product names.  On one hand, sure, it’s pretty
clear what it’s for. (Duh.) But on the other hand, boring.  Unlike delicious, ma.gnolia and Mister-Wong.

Other Tidbits
Elastic Path is holding an amazing free conference pass giveaway for three of the most popular ecommerce conferences around.  Get the details and enter!

This Week’s Video Meme

Tiger Woods and the "Jesus Shot"

First seen on Michael Seaton’s blog.  And then on every other blog in the blogosphere.  Mashable has the best analysis.