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Relations, Riffs, and Rap: August 25, 2008 Week in Review

Least Popular On One Degree This Week
These were the articles that got exactly one visit this week.  Someone found them helpful, perhaps you should give them another look!

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Releases, Announcements and News

Hippopost (a Canadian company) launched a new Facebook application that lets you choose a picture from your FB account and send it as a real postcard to a friend.  They cover the printing and postage – paid for by advertising on the card that you choose. (Via Corby Fine)

Yelp, a hyperlocal recommendation engine that is super-popular in the US, has made its way to Canada.  Over a dozen cities are getting reviews of everything from restaurants to spas to all kinds of shopping.  This easy to use recommendation engine is sure to be a hit up here.  Brands big and small should check their listings on a regular basis! (Via TechVibes)

This Week’s Video Meme

"Analytics, at the end of the day, is going to be the endgame." 
Eric Petersen?  Avinash Kaushik?  No.  MC Hammer.

Enjoy the long weekend!  We’ll see you on Tuesday!