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PodCamp Comes to Montreal

This weekend, new media comes to town with the first PodCamp Montreal.   For the uninitiated, PodCamp is an "unconference" where people come together to share knowledge and engage in open
discussion about video and audio podcasting, blogging, social media and
social networking. The do-it-yourself nature and collaborative attitude of the event makes PodCamp very different from other conferences.

Most PodCamps are free to attend and free to present. Want to run a session? Just sign up! I’m running a session on using Twitter to build and monitor your personal brand.

In Montreal, PodCamp will be bilingual with presentations in French and English. In a session and decide you want to leave for something else? Then go! One of the tenets of PodCamp is the rule of two feet; you are free, at any time, to leave a session for whatever reason.  With so many enthusiasts in one place, despite an incredible session schedule, many of the best discussions happen in the hallways, and spontaneous circle discussions could break out at any time.

PodCamp is an inspiring place to be. But don’t take it from me. I asked Canadian podcasters attending the event this weekend to complete statement: “For me, PodCamp is…”

…a great place to get people thinking about new, creative and enriching things we could be doing with podcasting. Hugh McGuire, Librivox

… the freedom and flexibility to share, grow, learn and participate with people from all walks of life who have a common love for the same Social Media tools as I do. For me, PodCamp is all about the true spirit of community and seeing how everything online is only magnified and made more powerful when we connect in person. For me, PodCamp is the highlight of my year. Mitch Joel, Six Pixels of Separation

…une façon d’interagir physiquement avec un monde que l’on fréquente virtuellement. (…a way to connect physically with a world that we know virtually.) Sylvain Grand’Maison, Le Québec en Baladodiffusion

… an opportunity to meet interesting people with similar interests, learn, share and grow. Eden Spodek, Community Divas

… to be part of the larger community of podcasters and social
networking enthusiasts, to meet friends old and new, and to learn new
things. Connie Crosby, Community Divas

… about using passion to connect. Bob Goyetche, Canadian Podcast Buffet

… a chance to meet new people and become a student, again, learning new things about something I’ve been doing for three-and-a-half years. Mark Blevis Canadian Podcast Buffet

….is simply awesome. You learn, collaborate and share with amazing people who inspire and motivate.  Dana a.k.a @WankerGirl, Blarmcast

From Vancouver to Newfoundland and San Francisco to New York City, participants will be converging on Montreal, and registration for the event is full. With only a few days left before PodCamp, the volunteer organizing committee has been working hard to see that the event is a success. Laurent LaSalle and Julien Smith have put together a welcome video for out-of-town attendees who may need a little help deciphering the local food and drinks menu at the Opening Ceremony.

PodCamp Montreal 2008 : Opening Ceremony from Laurent LaSalle on Vimeo.

See you at PodCamp Montreal!

OneDegree is a proud sponsor of PodCamp Montreal.