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Nick Iannitti From Fuel Industries on the Attention Economy

At the CMA Digital Marketing Conference last week, I spoke with Nick Iannitti from Fuel Industries.  Nick shares his thoughts on the recession in the attention economy
(where entertainment is currency) as well as on advertising to the
younger generation.

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  1. Miro
    Miro November 8, 2008

    the question of branded entertainment is vexing
    it is becoming more pervasive but I am not convinced that it is effective in driving results. If one pursues this tactic to reinforce brand awareness – I can (sometimes) see its value, depending on the cost of impression – as long as you equivalize for length and prevalence of the impression
    ie: a 2 sec passing glance at an Omega watch on James Bond’s wrist versus a 30 sec tv spot or 1 minute print ad exposure etc…
    Back to Nick’s point in the video games space – have there been published results using split half tests – for example a billboard for a national pizza chain – and its impact on sales from the two sets of gamers. Does the billboard drive (consistent) incremental sales?
    Curious to hear the opinions of others

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