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Unlock Those Hidden Video Assets

Online video is hot. Consider:

  • More than 20.1 million Canadian Internet users watched an average of 145 videos per viewer in August 2008. (Source: comScore Video Metrix, All Locations- Persons 2+)
  • Video currently generates more traffic in the US than was transmitted across the entire Internet backbone in 2000. (Cisco Systems via eMarketer)

Video is undeniably part of the mix to build and extend your brand online. So, I’ve got to ask, are you using all the video assets at your disposal?

Too frequently, gorgeous footage is locked away in B-roll and projects far removed from the web and the digital marketing teams. And let’s face it, these are belt-tightening times for Marketers. "Hidden" video lends itself to soft innovation.

I had the opportunity to hook up with Stephen Gardner, Executive Producer at Gardner Productions, a Toronto-based video and commercial production house. Stephen and I worked together back in my agency days putting together B-Roll for clients. One of our projects saw us doing a shoot at a grocery store in Newmarket at 4:00 a.m. (good times).

We had a chat about this explosion in online video and how to make the most of the opportunity.

"Use the best quality footage and the best and most creatively
produced pieces regardless of where it’s being aired – on television or
YouTube," says Gardner.

"If you know that you are only going to use the footage for the
Internet, you can always shoot your items on Beta SP or even DVCam. On
the Internet, the quality will still look great, but the items should
still be produced properly. If you are producing items for web use
only, you must still have a strong creative behind them. My advice to
clients who are in the midst of developing and extending their
video-based communications would be, "Think big picture!" Ask yourself,
" How can I get the biggest bang for my buck? And how can we use the
same media to target 16 different markets?"

Here are a few easy wins:

  • Post your own commercials to online video sites in order to make
    it easy for your fans and brand advocates to spread your message
  • What about that B-roll your public relations team shot for the
    product launch? If you got your hands on it, could you repurpose it?
  • Video messages done for your Annual General Meeting could be used with employees or edited into a recruiting video

For minimal budget you can take these high-quality video assets and leverage them for additional value online.

I’ll turn it over to you now – what are some of the things you’re doing to make the most of your existing video footage?


  1. mose
    mose November 10, 2008

    Ok.. so although I am not wanting to be the lone very weird guy in the world screaming at folks with a sign from the overpass on the Don Valley Parkway at Lawrence (For those too young, or too young and never left the house cause they were watching videos online there used to be a crazy lady that stood at that location In Toronto with a cardboard sign cautioning the “The End is Near”
    Anyway – when I see startling statistics I, like most folks from Missouri (Again for those folks too young or too young to have left your Mom’s house cause you were watching videos online) “from Missouri” means skeptical. In fact, it means believing nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see…
    Also while I am being hugely patronizing (Patting all those bright little online-video-watching heads!) There are lies. Damn lies, and statistics.
    I take it we are assuming 20 million folks in Canada are online. I have seen all sorts of quotes like this – would love to see the proof. But that’s just me. I agree there are probably a lot of us online.
    And given the math that means at 145 per person approx 2,900,000,000 videos were watched. And at an average of 2.4 minutes that means we Canucks spent 4,833,333 days online watching videos…
    Big numbers like that, sadly Excel wouldn’t co operate – you can do the math… if you have a big calculator.
    Thanks Microsoft!
    Anyway, hopefully you get my drift. It is just not possible. If it is, no wonder we are a country of weenies, illiterates and folks that can’t do much except want to be over-governed and end up without a decent restaurant within 30 miles of each of us… Oh and the libraries are still empty and Chapters is where you go for coffee.
    sorry je digress.
    First below is a list of the top rated list from YouTube with the run time and the views. (That’s where I did the math)
    There is a huge difference between 100, 1000 or 12,000 views and over 2 million let alone higher numbers.
    Second, I believe and always have that the more this Internet thing is like TV … the less we will need it.
    And given this long list of drivel – well pseudo drivel – we are, as a society, improving from watching 13 year olds getting hit in the nuts, to “make easy money,” but, all the same – this is not what I want my clients doing.
    Please. get your clients to have conversations with their customers. Full stop.
    Watching TV or videos is not interactive. It is not what the Net is for. And voting for something is not feedback, nor is it a dialogue.
    Oh, and I believe the most watched videos, and might believe the stats is Porn. If you support that – you have my deepest sympathies.
    Folks lets give our clients the right info.
    And repeat after me …
    “Public Relations… where the rubber meets the air!”
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  2. Nima
    Nima November 10, 2008

    Nice read Leona.
    Video is becoming more and more important. Google Universal or blended search means that videos can generate traffic through search engine results pages.
    So, leverage and optimize your videos for more traffic through organic search and other social media.

  3. Leona Hobbs
    Leona Hobbs November 11, 2008

    Hey Nima – Thanks for your comment. Blended search results eh? Fascinating. Does that work on keywords, tags? What does a noob (like me) need to to to make sure my videos are optimized for blended search?

  4. James Harrison
    James Harrison November 17, 2008

    I have to agree that it is an exciting and progressive time for the Internet and video. We are only inches away from the threshold where Internet video will stop being viewed for it’s convenience at a sacrifice in quality. Soon Bandwidth levels will make the quality issue obsolete and watching video on Television will, very quickly, loose it’s appeal over the customization, control and vast selection of content that online video offers.
    Gardner Productions has a good point that it is very important not to let quality slip at all levels just because the final destination is the Internet. Get in the habit now of making high quality video for the Internet, because the Internet will have the ability to steam high quality video sooner than you think. I had the pleasure of working with Gardner Productions and their attention to detail and high standards show in their work.
    James Harrison

  5. mose
    mose November 23, 2008

    Folks just a cautionary tale …
    I received this in my inbox just now …
    Of the millions of videos watched and forwarded on FunSpace this week, these are the best — so check ’em out!
    #1 Jingle Cats
    #2 River Dancing Chimps
    #3 8 Reasons to not take kids to the zoo
    #4 Bruce Lee baby
    #6 Laughing Babies – The Best of the Best
    #7 dogs singing christmas song
    #8 Best Beer Commercial Ever!
    #9 The special and sexy talent of Amy G
    #10 American Idol – Worst Singer Ever!!! #5 Parody!!!!
    Ouch. There is a reason that TV is an open sewer in your living room.
    With the Net we still have a choice to take the high road.
    We are fighting for Net Neutrality for this? I think not. Hell throttle me baby!

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