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Holiday Helpers

Because marketers from across industries are planning for an uncertain economy, they are working extra hard to ensure that every marketing initiative is going to yield the strongest return on investment as possible.

So, to help optimize your holiday email programs, here are a handful of focused tips that you can use right away:

Cut Through the Clutter with Enticing Subject Lines

Generate excitement and stand out from your competitors by developing a subject line that concisely captures a key holiday desire (e.g. saving money, saving time, accessing exclusive offers, etc.). But, before deploying to your entire targeted group, test the subject line thoroughly to ensure that it gets delivered successfully and is opened and acted upon.

Keep in mind that while the phrases "free shipping", "sales" and "specials" influence online purchase behaviours, subject lines need to accurately reflect the content of the email and meet deliverability standards.

Focus on the Distinctive Needs of Holiday Customers

Target your emails to customers’ distinctive holiday purchase behaviours. For example, price discounts that decrease over the span of a few weeks will attract “early bird shoppers” who want to take full advantage of the cost savings. At the same time, expedited delivery options appeal to "last minute shoppers" who delay their purchase decisions.

Enable Relevant Updates

If your business relies heavily on product, your inventory will fluctuate throughout the holiday season. Since recipients often keep and re-open holiday emails with special offers, design these emails to reflect current inventory levels. Also include links to other offers when items are "sold out".

Respect Your Holiday Customers’ Inbox

To ensure your campaigns have the greatest success, ask your recipients about their preferences for receiving holiday/special offers. You could find that they want to receive more email to serve as reminders. At the same time, they will want to receive news and updates about products and/or services that they see as more appropriate for holidays.

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